SIGMA PHARMA possesses the official permission drug manufacturing license for the production of pharmaceutical products by way of formulation in accordance with Drug Act 1976, of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The equipments of the manufacturing unit and quality control system are most modern and fulfills the requirements of the GMP, cGMP and ISO – 9000 Quality System standards as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). All production processes are planned and controlled by the highly qualified personnel. The facilities are inspected at regular intervals by the competent local and federal Government health authorities. SIGMA PHARMA has a commitment to its consumers by having qualified experts to supervise all manufacturing and testing processes to thoroughly guarantee Purity, Efficacy, Content and Safety of the products.



In the production area, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) i.e. authorized written procedures giving instructions for performing operations specific to a given product as well as of general nature e.g. equipment operations, maintenance, clearing, validation, cleaning of the area, environment control etc. are followed. Employees are required to consult SOP at every stage in order to complete their task reliably and consistently. SOPs are also the requirements of all the departments of the factory. Issuance of Raw Material from the warehouse to the manufacturing departments, all steps are carried out under the strict supervision of qualified production staff as per requirements of GMP. All operations are properly documented and from the beginning to end they become the part of the batch record. During manufacturing operations, Quality Control Department also carries their own in-process controls, as per specifications. After product is exhaustively analyzed by specific methods, it is released for packing and then for sale.