Executive Summary (Nutraceuticals)

SIGMA PHARMA International is a pharmaceutical and Nutritional company with a team of highly motivated & committed professionals focused on ethical working. Sigma Pharma International being the sole distributor of ‘Nature’s Bounty Inc. U.S.A, in Pakistan started marketing of Food Supplement. Sigma Pharma International was the trend setter in the Nutraceutical Sector of Pakistan. Not only it had a vision to become the leading pharmaceutical and Nutritional Company in Pakistan and around the world by providing the best quality medicines and Nutritional supplements to the patients and healthcare professionals while employing the latest, high-tech and environment friendly facilities.


  • Sigma Pharma International launched their products and faced many problems in selling it because the socio-economical conditions of Pakistan did not support it as the level of awareness about nutrition in Pakistan was very poor; people consider food supplements as medicines, where actually they prevent medical conditions due to deficiency of certain vitamins & minerals.  Now more companies and brands we are brands.


  • Sigma Pharma International decided to promote the products to the health professionals so that they can recommend the patients who need it. They selected a few products and developed a team of professional medical representatives and started promoted their few products to the doctors. They also started advertising campaign on the print media to give awareness about food supplements. Now they have the biggest range of Food Supplements in Pakistan.